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design details you won't find in the church program.

We partner with couples seeking elevated aesthetics across their wedding events.
We partner with couples to create an elevated story across their wedding events.
What We Do

Personalized Design Here… and Here… and Here

Vision Graphics & Artwork

Our vision workshop helps us understand your story to create a unique design concept across logo, custom illustrations, mood, color, storytelling, and graphics.

Invitations & Printed Details

Your personalized graphics can be applied to any printed product — from your invitation suite to custom coasters to dinner menus and programs!

Custom Designed Website

We’ll turn your website into your digital wedding hub, complete with your custom graphics, RSVP functionality, and elevated interactive features you won’t find in other templates.

Welcome Bags & Merch

Welcome bags, bachelorette gifts, party favors, and personalized matches? We’ll design merch collections that will tell your story and won’t go straight to your guests’ catchall drawer.

Investment Options
The fuss-free, frill-free wedding storytelling solution starting at $3,500.
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Are you a wedding planner, a wedding stylist, a calligrapher, or all?

No — We won’t be showing you venue options, making detailed decisions like napkin-folding styles (though we’ll provide you a color palette to help you select), managing your vendors, or coordinating logistics. Nor are we a painter, calligrapher or photographer. We truly are art directors and storytellers who touch and direct most of the visual parts that are important to your day. Another way of thinking of us: we cover your wedding’s visual story, connecting all physical elements to your digital ones.

How many weddings do you do a year?

We are scaling our business so we can cater to a higher volume of clients, however, we never want this to get in the way of the quality of service we offer. As it stands, in 2023 we worked with under 5 clients to ensure that our couples were receiving a tailored approach to our services!

Do you help with elopements?

Yes! For elopements, we’ll direct you to our Emerald Package. This is perfect for elopement-specific needs because it eliminates many of the services needed for a large group. But you know what they say — two’s a party, three’s a crowd.

What about destination weddings?

Yes! We can support destination weddings — we just require that you have a designated planner who will handle inventory and storage for any printed materials. Otherwise, the process is all the same.

Do I have to be in the Atlanta area (where you’re based) in order to work together?

Nope! We pride ourselves in working remotely for couples and even those who are planning destination weddings. We work across time zones and can do all of our sessions via email and video calls!

What don’t you provide?

We don’t handle any planning of your wedding. We also currently don’t offer any “hand artistry”; what we mean is that we don’t hire watercolor painters or traditional calligraphers to design by hand. Why not? We can achieve the same look digitally!

What sort of wedding budgets do you normally work with?

We work with weddings of all sizes - from elopements to the Royal Wedding (jk, not our vibe). From a cost perspective, our minimum spend is around $3,500. To see our packages, we invite you to complete our “Quick Fit Quiz” to assess our compatibility because we promise that partnering with Prisma is worth it.

How long does the process take?

Our timelines vary based on your selected package, however our quickest package starts at ~14 weeks. We have learned that couples tend to take their time when gathering information, making design selections, and providing feedback, so that is why our process feels extended. If you’re on top of content gathering and decision-making, then the process will go quicker!

Can you work on this with my mother/mother-in-law/maid of honor?

We pride ourselves on connecting directly with our couples. To be honest, as much as your besties and family know your love story, they won’t be able to do it justice in the way that you would! P.S. Your story is also how we decide who is going to be a good fit for us since you’ll be working with us throughout the process. Feel free to gather opinions from the important people in your lives, but we’ll take final feedback, inputs, and decision-making from the couple.

Who will I interface with from your team if we were to work together?

You will interface with one of our core team members as your design lead. It’s possible we will internally work with other artists & designers to make your story come to life, but you will only work with a primary Prisma lead through the whole process to ensure it’s seamless and easy!

How should I feel during all of this?

This process should be engaging, imaginative, and exciting! It’s easy to get bogged down with all the logistics, guest list, and planning details with wedding events but our job is to create a big-picture foundation to make all those parts even easier. With our process, we take 10+ years of creative direction experience and distill it into an easy way to set the artistic vision for your big day. We know you have a lot to do leading up to your special day — this will be the easy part.

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